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Immersion in Russia: Learn & Discover

Immersion in Russia has a strong will: break the barriers existing between Russia and the rest of the world! That is why we are developing new ways to travel in Russia by breaking the language, cultural, and administratives frontiers that currently stand in the way. 

On of this traveling concept is what we call Learn & Discover, giving the possibility to discover and fully immerse in a city, or a a specific place. 

Learn & Discover is a new concept mixing intense learning of Russian and joyful discovery of a Russian city. These 1 or 2 weeks programmes will give you the opportunity to have Russian classes in the best language schools of the country and visit a city and its surroundings with a guide and a group of international people sharing the same philosophy. These immersions will occur in cities such as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk, and many more. 

You will be able to discover these places, enjoy their wonders, and learn Russian culture in the same time as the Russian language. It’s an immersive way to travel, for unforgettable experiences shared with incredible people from all over the world!

These programmes are coming soon and will be available by May 2019. 

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