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Adventure in Kamchatka

🌏Kamchatka is an amazing region with fantastic landscapes. Long ago a trip from Moscow to Kamchatka could take a whole year, and now you can get here by plane in just a few hours. It's time to explore unknown lands!✈️

🗺️Kamchatka is located in the North-Eastern part of Eurasia on the territory of Russia. It is washed by the Okhotsk sea, the Bering sea and the Pacific Ocean.🌊

🧐What can you see there?⛰️

🌋More than five hundred volcanoes. You can even climb the active Avachinsky and Gorely volcanoes.

🗻Hot thermal springs. Just imagine: you are basking in a hot pool, and the snow is sparkling in the sun.

🦀Pacific Ocean. It produces more than 50% of all seafood in the world, including red king (Kamchatka) crab, salmon, etc.

🌄Valley of Geysers. It is the only one in Eurasia and one of the largest geyser fields in the world. Hot springs, mud pots and waterfalls are accessible only to those who go on a helicopter excursion.

🏞️Blue lakes. The water in these lakes is of a really amazing blue color, and the rivers form cascades of small waterfalls.

🏕️A trip to Kamchatka is full of adventures. Immerse with us in the wonders of the Far East...🌅

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